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Start/Buy A Business

Buying an existing business has the advantage of having a revenue stream, distribution channels and brand equity from the beginning. You are purchasing an opportunity to turn it around. But, you are also buying all of its problems. On the other hand, starting a new business comes with its own set of pros and cons.

All these factors play a crucial role in deciding whether an investment should go down the “buy” route or down the “new” route.

Our competition analysis reports provide you with key data needed for deciding on investing money wisely.

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Business Improvement

A constant review of your business progress is vital. As successful companies will agree, regular progress checks make the difference between success and failure. Reviews allow a business to improve by identifying how to leverage its current market position and where to take the business next. It’s about updating your business plan with a new strategy and implementing the results of the reviews.

Competition analysis reviews are integral in helping you to decide if your company is ready to move on to the next level. This is the crux at which our competitive intelligence report comes into action. The market research analysis helps to compare your position in relation to the competition and then plan practical ways forward.

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