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Area Factors

Area factors are integral to the success of a business since they have a direct impact on its operations. A trading area analysis on these factors form the basis of key business and investment decisions.

The Competitive Intelligence report contains information on relevant factors such as location, transport links, bankruptcy rates, population demographics, crime rates, etc. This information allows you to focus on the credibility, reputation and investment potential of the area.

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Competition Analysis

Competition analysis lies at the crux of any business investment which is why you need to be armed with all the right information. Our custom competitor intelligence reports contain a comprehensive range of market research analysis such as:

  • Local competition analysis (such as density of businesses, financial & bankruptcy data and population demographics)
  • Analysis of similar businesses with the same target market within the UK
  • Competitors’ performance against service level agreements within the relevant industry (where applicable)

Such wide-ranging competitive intelligence tools can be used to direct the best investment options with the overall objective of improving returns.

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Digital Health

In today’s technology driven world a company’s online presence is a key determinant in its success. In the majority of cases a company’s digital health and online presence impacts their sales. Hence it is essential to be aware of the competition’s online presence to inform your digital strategy.

This is why our competitor intelligence reports contain strategic marketing analysis which includes:

  • Website strength check
  • Google page rank
  • Search engine and local area ranking
  • Social media

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Online Reputation Management

A company’s online reputation directly impacts its brand awareness and profitability. Knowledge of the competition’s web reputation provides an insight on how the market perceives them and how new business/businesses looking to improve, can leverage this. Our online reputation management services cover key review sources such as:

  • Google Reviews
  • Yelp
  • Other industry specific review sites, such as NHS choices.

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