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Through competitive intelligence reports we get an insight into the health of businesses. With this, our group company has evolved to provide solutions to improve their digital health. It focuses on delivering business value and improving return on investment through the digital marketing tools listed below


A website advertises your business online 24/7. It relays an element of trust to your market compared to businesses without a website. A website is essential to online exposure to your prospects, who would prefer to browse online before making an enquiry.

Therefore, it needs to be built to achieve results. As an integral tool which complements your business success, your website needs to be designed correctly right from the start. It also needs to incorporate keyword analysis and search engine optimisation best practices from the outset, to get results from the start and avoid costly re-makes.

Our creative team will ensure that we create a website that is functional and easy to use, and most importantly will work hard for your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of getting your website ranked on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for relevant keywords. Having a website alone is not enough; it needs to appear in search engine results when your prospective customers are looking for the services you provide. This is why optimising your website to drive relevant traffic to it is essential. Equally important is keyword analysis, which keywords are customers likely to type if they are serious about buying your product or service, the website should be optimised for conversion driven keywords”

We have a very wide expertise in optimising websites with proven industry leading results and making them deliver results for your business. Whatever your marketing budget we will work with you and deliver solutions that comply with your needs.

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Pay per Click

Pay-per-click delivers an online advertising strategy for generating leads in a targeted manner. It is the easiest way to reach your targeted audience online since it allows you to target clients looking exactly for your services. Our services include keyword analysis, landing page optimisation (improving quality scores & reducing search engine charges), location, Ad-text, Ad-scheduling and CTR analysis.

Our PPC team has a speciality in PPC management to help increase your online exposure, improving marketing efficiency and improving revenues.

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Social Media

2.1 billion: Ave number of search queries on Twitter over 24 hours in 2013 (source: Wired.com)

Social media provides a platform on which to engage with the wider target audience. It allows you to attract attention and encourage a wide range of audience to share content about you with their social networks.

Active communication through social channels results in better brand awareness and provides a better insight into communication channels.

Our social media management is delivered as a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

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Local Search

Local search, as the name implies, are business searches in a specific location. Local marketing concentrates on targeting specific local audiences to your business. This is a targeted form of marketing if you have a bricks-and-mortar presence, and complements your PPC/SEO campaign effectively.

Our dedicated plans can boost your local visibility and reputation. This will help in getting your business at the top of localised searches, such as Google Maps, and attract relevant leads.

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Reputation Management

Your target audience spends a lot of time online and will inevitably come to a choice: should they choose you, or your competitor? What may tip their choice in your favour is your online reputation.

With millions of hits per month, search engines provide a wealth of information to the public about your services in their vicinity. It is therefore vital that you can keep track of everything your potential customers will see, read and interpret.

Negative reviews can be damaging since they can put off both your existing and potential patients using your services. Our Reputation Management solution gives you a detailed insight into your online presence, how it is currently affecting you and how it can be improved. We can analyse a variety of review sources, such as Google Reviews, NHS Choices, Yell.com, Yelp, etc, and set up real-time alerts.

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Lead Generation

Getting traffic to your website is only half of the battle won. The other half involves a targeted approach in ensuring that traffic engages with your site, resulting in the desired effect (sale, making contact, etc). Our lead generation capability delivers business value to your site by generating traffic and most importantly converting that traffic.

Landing Page Optimisation

A landing page is any website page where traffic is sent specifically to stimulate an action or a result. This traffic can come from multiple sources such as a PPC campaign, banner ads, blog posts, email, etc. We will focus on optimising your landing page to work in delivering results for your campaigns. Well optimised landing pages can also drive down PPC (internet advertising) costs by improving quality scores.

Call Tracking

Ad campaigns are a form of marketing investment. And for all investments, it is imperative to know the returns. This is where our Call Tracking services come in. It is an easy way to increase advertising ROI by tracking calls to their original ad placements, which then influences future investment decisions.

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Custom Software

Productive and easy-to-use – our software is built around your operations and around your team’s requirement.

Bespoke software development is a unique solution for your business since it is tailored to suit your needs rather than a generic tool built for the many. Here are just a few of the advantages of custom software:

  • It makes internal processes more efficient
  • It works to automate work flows
  • It enables your team to focus on delivering your core services.

We first seek to understand what the focus or problem is and how we can help. After all, custom software is an investment for your business. And when it helps to simplify your management process, reduce staff input time, and above all, make client management easier, then that’s a good return on investment.

A few examples of the custom software that we work on include:

  • Web-based databases
  • Process automation tools
  • Customer management system
  • Apps for iPads, tabs and mobile
  • Cloud emails and backups

Get in touch. Let’s discuss how we can deliver a value-adding solution for your business.

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